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Straight from the Sunshine State, Florida raw, unfiltered orange blossom honey is infused with high-quality, lab certified Broad Spectrum CBD oil. The result is a uniquely decadent honey with strong sweet, citrusy notes. What is omitted is any trace of THC so customers may feel comfortable in consuming our infused honey. 

All products sold include an associated Certificate of Analysis (CoA) for the batch of origination in the form of a QR code on the product. You may also view CoA lab results here. 
Only available to customers in the United States who are at least 18 years of age. Not sold in Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota, where sales are prohibited.
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Have never had better honey in my life

Faith on Oct 26th 2020

I can't get enough of this honey! It calms me down, and gives me a fantastic snack. Thank you D'z B'z!

Tastiest CBD product I've tried

Chris on Oct 26th 2020

This stuff actually tastes amazing. Not only my favorite CBD item, but the best tasting honey too! I eat a small spoonful before bed and feel like it just relaxes my mind and body. The dosage of CBD is perfect for me. I prefer this over the drops I was spending much more money on before.

Taste Amazing and Fantastic for Chronic Pain!

Krista J. on Oct 14th 2020

I have a chronic illness that causes neuropathic pain and insomnia. The first time I tried this honey, the tenseness in my muscles seemed to melt away within an hour. Even muscles I didn’t realize were tense until they were not. When faced with a really bad headache, a double dose helped get rid of the pain and tension in my head and neck and made me feel relaxed enough to take a refreshing nap. The effectS (but not the naps) last for about 6-8 hours. My husband is trying to get back into shape after months of pandemic laziness, and a dose of honey helps with his post-workout muscle aches. We both have a cup of tea and honey before bed to help us sleep. Overall, this honey makes us both feel comfy and cozy without any negative side effects. To use, I usually add a teaspoon of honey to a cup of tea or a smoothie. There’s no weird medicinal taste, so if you love plain honey as much as I do, a spoonful straight from the jar tastes amazing too! This stuff is so yummy and effective that a week after receiving my first jar, I came back to order more!

Tasty & Healthy

Brenda W on Oct 14th 2020

Who knew healthy could taste so good! I love this honey and it fits right in with my goals for a heart healthy diet. As someone in her 50's, I have aches and pains as well as high blood pressure so I truly appreciate the amazing benefits of CBD oil. Thanks D'z B'z, I'll definitely be back for more.

honey for pain

Kathy M. on Oct 10th 2020

I’m always in pain from surgeries and have nerve damage. I thought I’d try your orange blossom honey. It seems to take a bit of my pain away. Thank you for telling me about your product.