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Straight from the Sunshine State, Florida raw, unfiltered orange blossom honey is infused with high-quality, lab certified Broad Spectrum CBD oil. The result is a uniquely decadent honey with strong sweet, citrusy notes. What is omitted is any trace of THC so customers may feel comfortable in consuming our infused honey. 

All products sold include an associated Certificate of Analysis (CoA) for the batch of origination in the form of a QR code on the product. You may also view CoA lab results here. 
Only available to customers in the United States who are at least 18 years of age. Not sold in Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota, where sales are prohibited.
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Sue Mayo on Sep 3rd 2021

Very tasty

Phenomenal taste / Natural ingredients

Anonymous on Aug 13th 2021

Seriously a fantastic tasting honey that helps me out. Just one teaspoon a night with my tea assists with curbing my insomnia. Feels sweet to have some sleep from this natural food that’s also holistic!

How sweet it is.

TnJ on Aug 5th 2021

I came across D'z B'z at a Saturday Market. He's a veteran, like I am. I instantly wanted to support him so I bought a 5 pack of bears. That night I slept well for the first time in many months. I had to have more, I bought the honey and have nothing but happy results. I've even been giving my son who's recently been diagnosed with ADHD a small dose. It's helped. We are a calmer happier household.


Jonathon on Jul 5th 2021

Great products! High quality, fast reliable shipping too.

CBD Infused Honey

Justin on May 17th 2021

I have two herniated discs causing radiating pain down my leg. This product has provided additional relief from muscle cramping and pain relief that I am not getting from meds provided and allow me to sleep better too. This has been a great tool to help me get through this until I can have surgery. Thank you! Great product!

Honey Review

Carolyn Andrew on Apr 2nd 2021

I’d love to review the honey I purchased but am unable to do so as it’s a gift for a family member. I’m hoping he’ll love it!

CBD Honey

Joshua on Mar 29th 2021

Absolutely some of the best honey I've ever had. So much flavor, and the added touch of CBD really helps relax. Thank you again for such a wonderful experience. Will definitely buy again. And thank you for the extra surprise, and thank you RomNex for recommending... dood!

Orange Blossom Honey

Judy Ellis on Mar 29th 2021

Unfortunately this product did not help. I think the problem is the user, not the product. We had hoped for some relief from body aches/fatigue brought one by congestive heart failure, insomnia, and a relentless headache that has been undiagnosable and untreatable for almost 7 years. None of these problems improved. I still think this is a very worthwhile product but it didn't help in our situation.